Other Commercial And Residential Pigeon Control Methods

If you are the owner of a business or property, there is always the risk that pest birds may cause damage. Pigeons in particular can be extremely destructive to buildings and equipment.

These pest birds pose risks to buildings and businesses because they soil or deface buildings with their droppings, build nests on ledges or girders, leave behind feathers that accumulate into unsanitary messes, gnaw through electrical wires for nesting purposes, spread diseases such as histoplasmosis by contaminating roofs with their faeces, peck holes through walls for access to areas where they don’t belong, fly into open doors or windows causing injury to people or animals, or simply become a nuisance pest by continually trying to enter buildings through open doors or windows.

So how do you manage these pest birds? Here are 5 ways to protect your home or business against pigeons 

1. Scare Them Away With Water Jets

Scare tactics are often used with pest birds because they have sensitive, nervous systems which makes them very easy to scare. This is why the most common technique for pest bird management is using air-pressured water jets to replicate the sound of an eagle taking flight. This replicates sufficient threat that pest birds aren’t comfortable being around it long enough for them to leave your property on their own accord.

2. Reduce The Pest Bird Population With A Natural Repellent

Another pest bird control technique is to apply a natural pest bird repellent chemical. This pest bird deterrent usually comes in granular form, and it works by being scattered on the ground around your business or home. Once pest birds eat the granules, they associate your building with being unhealthy for them, so they fly away to another location.

3. Hire An Experienced Professional Pest Controller

When pest birds are causing trouble, pest controllers can help you manage that issue very quickly. These pest management professionals have years of experience dealing with pest birds, and have access to highly effective pest bird control products. That’s why they’re perfect for getting rid of pest birds, and keeping them away in the future.

4. Keep Your Home Free Of Access Points So They Cannot Enter

Pest birds can access your building through open doors or windows, so you need to keep these areas closed at all times. This will prevent pest birds from trying to enter your property to begin with. Pigeons especially like ledges, beams, or other places where they can sit down. To protect against pest bird infestations, make sure there are no areas for pest birds to take shelter on your home or business premises.

5. Install Special Anti-Bird Equipment Like Screens And Spikes

You also want to look into installing anti-bird equipment that doesn’t require you getting rid of pest birds yourself. For example, pest screens can be installed on ledges or beams to prevent pest birds from landing there in the first place. Also, pest bird spikes are small plastic strips that act as barriers which pest birds will not fly through because their wings will get caught. Both of these products can help you maintain pest bird control free of charge, and they’re perfect for preventing pest birds like pigeons from entering your property.